Friday, 15 February 2008

The final day...

First view on tracker - the excitement is mounting...The team are all installed in Paris waiting for the first sight of Mark.
Below is an item from the Independent's blog. Click the image to read the full article.
Also 2 articles on BBC News site: one with a big mention for this blog and the work of Mrs. V.

Head of geography Val Vannet and junior school ICT teacher Sharon Tonner developed a series of school projects tracking Mark's journey.

The two teachers have travelled to Paris to welcome him across the finish line.

Mrs Vannet said: "This is a fantastic endeavour, but it has also given us new ways to capture the imagination of our pupils.

Sharon Tonner and Val Vannet
Sharon Tonner and Val Vannet have travelled to Paris

"Knowing that Mark is actually passing through these places, and experiencing these cultures, helps to bring them to life for our pupils."

Mrs Tonner added: "Mark's journey is not just useful in helping to capture interest in learning about other countries in our world, but the very fact that he is undertaking such a journey has been a great source of inspiration for many of them, by showing them what one individual can achieve."

Mark's mother Una Beaumont has praised the efforts of the teachers, in particular the blog put together by Mrs Vannet.

She said: "She's written the most amazing parallel journey about the geography.

"Everyday she's written about the geography that he's passing through and people around the world have just been absolutely engrossed and delighted with all that she's been writing.

"She herself is very excited about all she's learned from it."

One of the pleasures awaiting Mark is going to be to read through what Val has written I'm sure and add a final dimension to his journey.

The final miles are through the outskirts of Paris where Mark will be picked up by a police escort.

Over to Val

Alan Parkinson
AKA "Mrs. V"

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John Vannet said...

Geoblog (aka Val) is presently in Paris with Ted Bear's Mum (aka Sharon) waiting at the Arc de Triomphe for Mark's return to Paris at about 3pm, French time. What an outstanding achievement for Mark - he has not simply broken the record (formerly 276 days) but he has smashed it by completing it in 195 days.
The other amazing achievement is the continuation of this blog which has followed Mark's journey day by day. Val and I are Geographers and we have both learned a huge amount about our planet through Val's research of Mark's route. I am sure I speak for Val in that she hopes that the readers of the blog have found it to be the interesting and educational learning journey she hoped it would be. Both Mark and Val have shown tremendous commitment - Mark to the journey and Val to the blog (with the help of our friend Alan Parkinson who took over when Val was not at her computer). Well done to all of you. John Vannet