Saturday, 16 February 2008

Over 300 visitors in a day

According to the CLUSTRMAP
329 visitors the previous 'day' to GeoBloggingwithMark...
Lots of press and media coverage.

BBC NEWS web pages with a link to how HSD pupils followed Mark's journey (check out the 'Open at a Glance' window)


The HINDU article.

The INDEPENDENT article.

The GUARDIAN article.


Even The SUN - headline: "A ride result...."

Bike Radar website article

The COURIER article.

The DAILY RECORD article.
This article also has a list of facts...


18,300 - The number of miles Mark cycled.

13 - His average speed in mph.

20 - The number of countries cycled through on the epic trip.

3 - The number of crashes he had.

12 - The number of tyres used.

7 - The number of punctures.

6 - The number of pairs of shorts worn out.

115-120 - Mark's average heart rate measured in beats per minute.

2000-6000 - How many calories he burned off every day.

10-20 - The number of pints of liquid he drank every day.

8 - The number of police cells Mark slept in.

£ 45,000 - The total cost of the record attempt, that was raised through sponsorship.

Still time to donate to Mark's charities.


AKA "Mrs. V"


marshm1d said...

Many thanks for your superb geoblog. It enriched the experience of following Mark's journey and re-awakened my interest in geography. I'm also now much more proficient with flying low on 'google earth'.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards
Marsh Middleton

Mrs V said...

Delighted to know that you enjoyed the blog .

Val Vannet