Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Last post from India

Great to think that Mark might be enjoying a bit of Western comfort in the international departure lounge of Kolkatta airport. I don't know if he drinks coffee but after the adventures of the last few weeks, a capuccino might be a welcome, if temporary, taste of normality.....

The view above (courtesy of Google Earth) shows the terminal block of Calcutta airport otherwise known as Dum Dum airport after the suburban area of the city in which it is located. (It is barely geography but airport names are one of those questions which often masquerade as 'geography' in trivia quizzes).

An interesting, non trivia fact about the airport is that it wasn't connected to the suburban railway system until 2006 and at that time it became the first airport in India to be accessible by mass rapid transport system. We take that type of transport infrastructure for granted!

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