Saturday, 8 September 2007

Nine countries down......

Originally posted on 26th August 2007....

A quick check of the GPS tracker (click on the Artemis logo on the sidebar) shows Mark to be in Turkey this morning and heading towards Istanbul along the D 20. I have just been having a look at the road he will be following and this caught my eye.... From a distance it looked like the only cloud over Turkey until I zoomed in closer and saw that it was a quarry. The only quarries I've ever seen which are as white as this are marble or limestone. So what is being excavated in this quarry ? The nearest town I could see was called Kaynarca and a quick Google of 'Kaynarca+quarry+Turkey' produced a result..... but what result? And once you have found out what material is being quarried, what is it mainly used for and why is this a good location for such a quarry?

Next stop Istanbul.

...and as I have just discovered (16 hours later) , Mark has made it to the end of leg 1and has reached the Mediterranean. (Which sea, linked to the Mediterranean by the narrow stretch of water known as the Bosporus), occupies the top right portion of this image?

Turkey sits at the crossroads of continents where Europe gives way to Asia. The next leg of the journey across the north of Turkey and through Iran, Pakistan and India is sure to be fascinating.

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