Saturday, 8 September 2007

Seeing spots...again!

I am quite surprised, but nonetheless delighted, that at the end of day one in Iran, the GPS fix is producing very high resolution images from well within the country. I suspect it won't last. The absence of place names makes fixing the location a little harder but thankfully it doesn't alter the geography in the view!

It will take me a day or two to research the geography of Iran to a point where I'd feel confident to pass it on but observing the landscape and landuse over a small area is easier.

In an area which looks broadly arid, the river is clearly supporting irrigated farming but in the lower part of the image, there are spots again! Further south - even more... if you look back at this posting , you can see that similar spots were the subject of some speculation a few days ago in Turkey. I am still no nearer an answer

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Noel Jenkins said...

What a fantastic journey and the blog is a brilliant idea.

I look forward to following the journey.

Best wishes