Thursday, 29 November 2007


Just a quick posting from Adelaide before Mark sets off after his 'rest' day. Here is a general location map of the area around Adelaide with Mark's bike 'parked' at Dublin ready for the off!
It is impossible to write about the 'Geography of Adelaide' in a blog - there's just too much of it!However, if you are so inclined, you can read plenty about the city here. In addition, if you look at it on Google Earth as below, you will see that there is a dense layer of photos to explore..You cannot, however, zoom in on the centre of Adelaide without being struck by the layout of the city.... the grid pattern, the rectangular city centre but most of all by the green belt surrounding the CBD. In my experience, this is quite unique - not even rivalled by Central Park in New York . The explanation for this intriguing layout is shown below...

The layout of Adelaide was designed by the first surveyor-general of South Australia, Colonel William Light. His plan, now known as Light's Vision, arranged Adelaide in a grid, with five squares in the inner city of Adelaide and a ring of parks known as the Adelaide Parklands surrounding it. Below is an aerial view of the city centre of Adelaide with the 'Oval' cricket ground occupying part of the green belt land.

...and a view of the CBD from the adjacent Parkland...

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