Friday, 23 November 2007

Surrogate tracking!

.....thanks to Mark for excellent directions on the web diary today! It was easy to plot the route. I am also going to take the liberty today of illustrating his diary..
"Headed for Smoky Bay 40km away which looked from the map to be right on route 100. Was in fact 3km off road, which is not that far, but an added 6km is not really needed! However, Smoky Bay had the first General Store since Norseman and was able to stocked up on nuts, dried fruit, muffins, honey etc to get the carbs, calories and energy back."
So here is Smoky Bay...
South of Smoky Bay Mark describes this beautiful scenery of "huge sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean ".

He "reached Streaky Bay after 110km". I wonder if Streaky Bay Beach below was where Mark "found a lovely spot and had lunch" And finally to Port Kenny... lucky to find a "small pub/hotel which had a room at half price of Nullarbor stretch" in a sleepy little place like this!

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have gone swimming there, the water was so black! Come on Mark you can do it! Go Mark! Go Mark!