Monday, 5 November 2007

Singapore - farewell to Asia

Mark arrived in Singapore this morning and by my calculations must now be only a few miles short of the 9000 miles which are the half way point of his journey. Time constraints for me this evening prevent a longer exploration of Singapore except for one staggering statistic which I unearthed after viewing some of the high res images of the harbour....

There are 15 vessels in this view - most of them container ships. According to the port statistics Singapore receives 1600 container ships a month! Small wonder that it is the largest container port in the world.

And finally, if Mark was unable to get a nice capuccino at Calcutta airport, he should have no similar problems at Changi. The airport has made its mark in the aviation industry as a benchmark for service excellence, winning over 250 awards up to 2006.Certainly, from personal experience, there is not much which you can't buy at Singapore sirport!

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