Saturday, 17 November 2007

Mark is not alone!

As the Artemis website is 'currently unavailable' and I can't get a fix on the GPS tracker at present, I will need to wait until later to post about Mark's whereabouts today. In the meantime I thought I might take the time to explain a few references to Mark's travelling companion which have appeared on the web diary from time to time. Yes, Mark is not alone - he has Ted with him! Ted is the hairy 'son' of Mrs Tonner who teaches in the Junior School of High School of Dundee and he has been keeping Mark company since flying out to meet him in Lahore. Most days he just sits on the handlebars or gets out of the sun and rain by taking refuge in a panier. Occasionally he has an adventure of his own - like a thorough examination by customs officers! From time to time he records his adventures and sends them back to the pupils in Dundee.......
If you click on the image, you will link to his latest report which was broadcast at Junior School assembly yesterday.

In recent weeks, Ted has become quite a hero in our Junior School and the credit of course has to go to Mrs T whose brilliant idea it was to send a tiny bear to join Mark. She then gave Ted an on-line Voki which is a facility which allows you to make talking virtual characters. Pupils read Mark's diary, research a bit about his journey and then record Ted's diary. It is such a novel way of getting primary pupils to engage with place and speaking as a geography teacher, anything which does that has got to be good!

Finally, I thought you might like to see this photo of Mark taken by a neighbour of mine who happened to be in Perth last week . They had an arranged rendez vous at Perth airport so that some supplies from Scotland could be delivered. (No Ted - I expect he was was looking after the bike!)

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TecnoTeach said...

Wow my 'hairy' son is becoming famous. Thanks Val - just read this on my i-phone as you Mrs T needs to have the latest technology...
Mrs T