Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dublin...or not!

Mark's in Dublin! Not the Dublin, of course, but one which is located about 50km north of Adelaide and where he last 'reported in' via his GPS tracker before having a day off in Adelaide.

Dublin is a small town on the agricultural Adelaide Plains which extend north of the city of Adelaide. The entry in Wikipedia marks it out as a small service centre but with a growing community of commuters. The view below gives an indication of a very ordered, almost planned, layout with metalled roads giving way to unmade streets where new housing is being erected on a very regular grid pattern. The tight planning even extends to the square belt of parkland around the perimeter of the town......
The landscape around Dublin is almost exclusively farmland and it is predominantly wheat country as this view of the north Adelaide Plains shows. A little closer to Adelaide, and simply called Adelaide Plains is one of South Australia's wine regions. Click the link to read about wines from the region.

And here, some of the vines which become more abundant closer to Adelaide.

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