Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Auckland on the horizon...

It may be Christmas Day, but the wheels keep turning ! Mark is making excellent progress now that he is over the meandering route since Wellington and on a more direct course.

Hamilton is the 7th largest city in New Zealand. It is on Highway 1, and there are apparently plans to build a bypass to reduce traffic congestion. The Fairfield Bridge across the Waikato river is shown below. This is apparently the bane of commuters and long queues form here morning and evening.
I imagine that it was fairly quiet on Fairfield Bridge this morning. Hamilton is also known for being particularly foggy, as it was on the day that Flickr user Talden took the image above.

Onwards towards Huntly, and Lake Waahi. Huntly produces huge amounts of coal which are then burned in the conveniently located thermal power station (Weber was right !) with its two red and white chimneys which Mark would have seen. Lake Waahi has been affected by the coal mining in the area, but water quality is apparently improving.

Auckland is the ultimate destination for Mark in New Zealand.

A friend of mine has just moved there, and he and his partner say that it is a great small city to live in. They have a flat with a view of the famous SKY TOWER. Will post more about Auckland tomorrow...
Images of Auckland by Simon Hathaway

Oh, and it's been pouring with rain all morning in Norfolk...

Alan Parkinson
AKA "Mrs. V"

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